SBet was established in 1997 in Montenegro as a company that specialized in sports betting. During last 20 years, we have become a leader in providing betting services in Montenegro. Currently we have more than 100 betting shops, where you can find wide offer on many sports with atractive odds.

The policy of our company is based on modern business principles. We continuously improve our services and our ultimate goal is to successfully anticipate  our customers needs and maintain our clients satisfaction. Apart from our core business we also have our own production and offer of high-quality betting odds for various sports. At the same time, as a support for organizing sports betting we have developed an IT system that produces, maintains and upgrades the software.

We continuously invest in expanding and fortifying our betting shop network in contemporary furnished premises. We constantly develop and improve our business and it is motivating our employees to constantly improve themselves. Our greatest capital is our employees, who are highly qualified personnel, capable of making well advised and right decisions, which is the key of successful business. Taking care of needs and concern for the progress of every individual working in SBbet, the company help its employees to improve their skills and knowledge through individual and group based activities such as seminars, education etc.

Professional staff, implementation of worldwide experience and knowledge, along with modern way of organizing business create necessary conditions for achieving results that lead to sustainable longevity of our company.

Name: Sporting Group doo
Address: Mediteranska bb
Phone number: +382 33 402 040